Change my Tumblr Theme on Tumblr

Tumblr Theme Timeliner  - kopieI Change my Theme on Tumblr and Choose Timeliner Theme

See the Timeliner Theme Tumblr Blog for a Showcase

It Supports :

-Google Analytics

-Social Media Profiles



And the best of all it is very easy to custom your Tumblr Theme

Here is one of my Tumblr Blogs

Want the Theme ? Get it on the Tumblr Theme Garden

See you next time

Roger Verhoeven


How to Start with Tumblr ? Part 1

Tumblr dashboard
Tumblr dashboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First you Register at Tumblr

Here are the Terms of Service

Choose a Name for your Tumblr Blog

Search for a great Tumblr Themes and pick up one

You can always change the Theme if you want

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My Tumblr

My 100 Likes on Tumblr JPG

My 100 Likes on Tumblr

I Started on  Tumblr a few years ago

It is an easy way of Blogging

A few days ago I get an email from Tumblr Support

You give 100 Likes on Tumblr so that is a Tumblr Milestone

Of course I put it on my Tumblr Blog

With the suggested Hashtags from Tumblr Support

#100likes #tumblr milestone

Happy New Year Tumblr

Happy New Year Tumblr JPG

Happy New Year Tumblr